Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trip Week

Road trip to several of our branches this week.

Lexington today, Stanville tomorrow, Corbin Thursday.

So, I'll only be on sporadically.

Gotta run!
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Thought On Arby's

So, I'm sitting here, munching my sammich from Arby's, and a thought struck me...

Why the hell do they call their horseradish sauce "Horsey Sauce"?
To make kids think it was made from horses? I mean, seriously, I was a little freaked out about it the first time I heard the name (when I was young).
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No, didn't win the lottery last night.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Somedays, I Just Don't Understand

So, I placed an order through Amazon for a couple of digital cameras. One is an engagement gift for Jamie, so she can take pictures of things she wants to remember, and the other is just a toy for me. ;)

Anywho, they ended up shipping from a warehouse IN MY CITY, of all places, at 1:48am local time. My question is...12 hours later...why the hell is it not at my door? Seriously, I'm less than 6 miles from the warehouse...

I just don't get it, sometimes.
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My Brother = Infuriating

Ok, so I'm the oldest of four boys.

My next brother down the line, we'll call him C, has had a problem recently where he's been in a funk. He ditches on activities with people, and then complains that he doesn't have any friends to go out with.

Anyway, it was suggested that, since my other two brothers would be in Europe for the next few weeks, maybe he should get himself over there and have some fun, as well.

And now he's bailing. On a three week trip to EUROPE.

If I didn't have a job and a mortgage, I'd go in a heartbeat. C doesn't have a job, no responsibilities until Law School in the fall, doesn't pay rent (living at home for the summer)...WTF, mate?

I outta slap him silly...
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rest In Peace

We got word that a college friend of The Redhead passed away over the weekend. I only met Scrapper once, but everyone seemed to share the opinion that, if he was to die young, he was going to do it on a motorcycle. Instead, a blood clot took him from the world.

As I said, I didn't know the man well, but after meeting him once and spending a couple of hours in his company, I can tell you that there was only one of him in the entire world. I'd never met a person quite like that before, and probably never will again, so I feel the loss as well.

The Redhead is off to the funeral this afternoon.
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I love to bake. I don't know why I like to bake, but I do.

I made cinnamon-raison bread over the weekend (yummy!), and I've started a sourdough culture that seems to be doing well.

I'm a baking machine!
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Cirrus Update

Yes, I got my ride in the Cirrus (the nifty little plane that is my avatar).

And I'm in love. The thing doesn't so much fly as dance across the sky...

Now, if I only had a spare $430,000 lying around...anyone?
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Friday, May 20, 2005


So, on a lark, I checked ticket prices for the Rolling Stones at Scott Stadium (Charlottesville, VA). Here's what I found:

Field seats : $350
Lower Level seats : $160
Upper Level seats : $95
Upper Level seats (behind the stage) : $60

Also, note that the TicketBastard Convenience Charge (13.625% on this one) brings the totals to:
$397, $181, $108, and $68.

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I Love Living In The South

I've already had someone use the phrase "might could" on the phone to me this morning.

"Y'know, I might could've screwed that up."
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Pretty Damn Excited


Cause, if the weather holds, I get to take a ride in a Cirrus.

What's a Cirrus, you might ask?

(Hint: my avatar is a picture of one)

I'm a happy, happy man.
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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Man, I have fallen out of the party lifestyle. The lack of sleep I incurred by seeing Star Wars this morning has caught up to me.

I'm home from work, and the only thing I can bring myself to do is lie on the couch, surf on my laptop, and watch Saturday Night Live...
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Ah, Technology...

Demo'd some IP phones today and, I must say I feel sorry for the guys trying to sell them to us, they had a few glitches...
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Star Wars Ep. III Review

Better than II or I.

Not nearly as good as the original trilogy.

Hayden "Whiny Bitch" Christenson was better in this movie.
Natalie "Why Did I Get Myself Locked In This Three-Movie Contract" Portman was worse.
Ewen "I'm Still An Outrageous Badass" McGregor was just as good as he normally is.

The best-acted character in the movie was Yoda, if that says anything.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Star Wars With The Guys

Off to see episode III at 12:02 tonight (they have a 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04, 12:05, and 12:06 showing) with my little brothers.

Should be a blast, as I'm the only one with a real job that gets me up at 6am tomorrow..
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What's With The Wristbands?

Seriously, first Lance Armstrong (yellow, "Live Strong")), then the University of Kentucky (blue, "Live Blue"), and now CARE (purple, don't know what it says).

It's the ribbon phenomenon all over again.

Speaking of, you know what one of the happiest moments of my life was? It came when it was announced that those magnetic "Support Our Troops" and "God Bless America" stickers were found to peel the paint off of your car...

I should probably explain, I'm all for America and the troops, it's the concept of a magnetic sticker that drives me insane...stickers should be adhesive, and should be hard as hell to get off....
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No, not the song or the show, but the tool.

Spent about an hour wailing away at a concrete footing with a sledge and a pick, trying to get the last remnants of a very old metal fence out of my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's yard. I'd demo'd (read: busted to hell) the rest of the fence a couple of weeks ago, but lacked the tools to get the last post out of the ground until Rox (the s-t-b-s-i-l) gave me a Home Despot gift card for my birthday.

If there is a mecca on this Earth for me, it is Home Despot / Lowe's. I walked out last night with:
2 florescent fixtures + bulbs (for my basement)
Romex 12/2 and 12/3 electrical wire
2 single-unit electrical boxes
2 three-way switches
electrical tape
1 8 x 4 sheet of pegboard
50 assorted pegs
A new 8" c-wrench
Weed n' Feed (I hate lawn chemicals, but the weeds are growing faster than I can pull them, so I have to resort to WMDs here)
A 10" folding saw (for some of the larger, tree-sized weeds)
A plastic organizer bin for all of my yard tools
A pickaxe
A sledgehammer

Hmmm, I wonder if I can set up a wedding registry at Home Depot...

EDIT : Did I mention I really like to break stuff?
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Getting Into This Wedding Thing

I've been creating registries this morning, including what I'm calling my "Fantasy Registry" at Williams-Sonoma (I like to cook).

Anyone want to buy me a $1700 espresso machine?
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So, I thought I'd go ahead and post a few recommendations in case some of my online friends need something to read / watch / listen to:

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Microserfs - Douglas Coupland

John Butler Trio

TV / Movies
Coupling - First Season (DVD)
Princess Bride (Mawwidge!)
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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Meet

Yes, my parents and The Redhead's parents got together for brunch yesterday to discuss wedding plans. The number one thing on the list was where to have it, and it'll probably be out at my parents' farm. (If I can come up with a good pic, I'll put it up in my pics section...

Not much else to report, went out to the track (horse racing, not NASCAR) over the weekend, went to a friend's birthday party Saturday night (can we say 'drum circle', boys and girls?), and generally ran around and wore ourselves out...

Items for this week...figure out how to tell my pious family that we're going to have a civil ceremony...
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Random Wedding-Related Item

So, The Redhead is going to pick out my wedding band, probably sometime this week...

And we've both kind of agreed that I should go ahead and start wearing it.

: gasp :

I know, I know. Our reasoning was that, since she doesn't want another ring as her wedding band (the engagement ring is very band-like), she's essentially wearing her wedding ring right now anyway. Why shouldn't I wear mine?

I know I'm going to get some flak about this from the conservative elements around me...
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I Hate People

I like individuals, but I hate people as a group.

Case in point:

On my lunch, I was headed over to Penn Station to get a yummy sub and some yummy fries.

While turning left through an intersection (I had the green arrow), this stupid bitch (I don't use this lightly) makes a right on red without stopping, causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her while she cruises right through, JABBERING ON HER CELLPHONE.

So, to make matters worse, it turns out she was in a hurry to get to...Penn Station Subs. I ended up making it into the building first, and politely get in line. She sweeps in, still on the phone, and blatently jumps line (she's friends with the guys that work there) and proceeds to make the rest of us wait while she ponders the menu.

I hate people.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Yeah, that's right, ladies.

I'm now well on my way to being permanently unavailable. ;)

All kidding aside, I couldn't be happier to be making plans for my wedding. (sometime this fall)
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