Monday, June 27, 2005

Orange Juice

One of the funniest blog posts I've ever read. Check this guy's site out.

An Open Letter to Tropicana

Dear Tropicana,
I caught your commercials and thoroughly enjoyed the nice zippy song you use, and I must admit I AM SOLD. "Good Morning, Good Morning, It's a Tropicana Morning." It puts a spring in my step, it makes my morning better, It makes me think that perhaps my civil procedure professor is not an evil puppy killer, but perhaps simply a not so nice guy.
As I have striven each morning to truly make each morning "A Tropicana Morning," some concerns have come to mind, your answers would certainly make me feel better. What exactly IS a Tropicana Morning, How do I know that what I am experiencing IS a Tropicana morning and not simply the onset of Schizophrenia? Must I have Tropicana Juice to Have a Tropicana Morning? Must it Necessarily be Tropicana Orange Juice? What if I have a cup of Tropicana and go to have another cup but I'm out of Tropicana and instead have Minute Made (say if we were staying at my aunts house because she's just the kind of crazy bitch to try something like this), is it Still a Tropicana Morning?
Is it possible for the best part of waking up to be Folgers in my cup on a Tropicana Morning? Is there a time limit? If I wake up and have juice (Tropicana of course) at 12:30 is there still the opportunity of seizing a Tropicana morning? Would you recommend any specific breakfast to have with my juice, I would hate to accidentally cancel out my Tropicana morning by having the wrong food.
Sirs, your answers to these questions would certainly Put my mind at ease, Also should you discover a method in that I might have a full Tropicana day I would certainly appreciate you passing on this valuable information.

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