Monday, June 06, 2005


Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that I got to fly yesterday. My instructor is awesome for giving me some time on his day off, but pilots need to be able to grab fair-weather opportunities when they can.

We were originally scheduled to fly down to the London-Corbin (KY) airport (KLOX for anyone interested), but the airport down there was fogged in, and it wasn't looking to burn off anytime soon. So we decided to head for a slightly shorter trip to Lexington (KLEX), since Aaron had plans later in the morning.

One of the only two bummers about summer flying is HAZE. And it was HAZY yesterday. No clouds in the sky, but I could still only get about 5 miles of visibility in the air (on a clear, haze-free day, you can get up to 100). Still, had a nice little hop over to Lexington, a touch-n-go, and then a return flight. It's nice to know that, at least in my area, if I ever get lost, all I need to do is find an Interstate and follow it back home.

Hopefully, after Bonnaroo next weekend, I'll get my biennial flight review, and be cleared to fly alone, which will allow me to continue my training at a slightly faster pace. I'm excited. :)
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