Friday, July 22, 2005

An Attempt At Creativity

Author's note : This is a work in progress. If you're interested to see how it develops, bookmark the post, since I'll make any and all additions directly to it. This probably won't go where you think it's going to go.

Latest update: 05/07/22

The lights from the fair swirled and twinkled around them as they walked the midway, grinding popcorn and peanut shells into the grass with their sneakers. As they passed the cotton candy vendor, Jason's hand crept to hers and, after the briefest of hesitations, gently engulfed it. She turned to him, discovering a shy smile on his face as he stared at the ground, obviously hoping she wouldn't draw away. He was so shy it was cute.

Lucia smiled at him, and squeezed his hand, or tried to. His hands were massive, like the rest of him, the body a running back would love to have, though he had yet to brag of any sporting accomplishments. He really didn't brag about much at all, or even talk, which greatly endeared him to her. Most of her classmates couldn't shut up if their lives depended on it, cackling endlessly from first bell to last about boys, clothes, and pop stars (the girls) and cars, sports, and sex (the boys).

They reached the end of the Midway, and paused to turn and look at the bright, shining star through which they had just walked. The fair was always a big event in this part of the state, covering several farmers' fields with its ever-growing sprawl. Hazelton wasn't really rural anymore, more of a suburb without a city to be attached to, but it still felt good to get out to the middle of nowhere every now and again, and the fair provided an opportunity. It would be so easy to slip out into the darkness of the fields beyond, away from the eyes of everyone who has known you since you were born...

In a flash, Lucia made her decision. She gripped Jason's hand tighter, and strode away from the fair, out into the inky grass ahead.
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