Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly : Summer T.V.

Ok, so here's my Good / Bad / Ugly for this summer's T.V. crop.

The Good
Battlestar Galactica. When the original mini-series debuted, I refused to watch it, assuming it was just more schlock from the Sci-Fi channel. Right before they started airing Season 1, however, they ran the entire mini as a 4-hour movie, and I got sucked in. It's STILL on my ReplayTV, I liked it that much. I found the first season of the show to be engaging, thrilling, and exceptionally well-produced.

That said, the first two episodes of Season 2 have blown me away. No sophomore slump for these guys.

The Bad
This is one of those times when you wonder, "what the hell were they thinking?" Showtime had a great thing going with Dead Like Me, and then they ditched it after two seasons. I know that there could be extenuating factors, something about contracts or writers or actors, but I still think it was a big, big mistake for Showtime to can the show.

The Ugly
FOX's Reality T.V. network. Like I didn't get enough of this crap thrown at me while I surfed channels, now I have to KNOW that there is a channel out there dedicated entirely to reruns of Joe Millionaire.
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