Monday, July 18, 2005

Ok, So, Cleveland

The Good : Cleveland has some fantastic architecture, both traditional and modern, downtown. It's a really impressive skyline, not overdone, but just about right. It's one of the prettier city skylines I've seen.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an awesome way to spend an afternoon (or a weekend, it's HUGE). Great exhibits and the like.

In the same vein, the Science Center (right next door) is a lot of fun. Right now they have an exhibit called Body Worlds 2, it's a whole bunch of donated cadavers that have been plasticised (mummified) and positioned to demonstrate different body systems. Way cool.

Great food. Had two fantastic dinners at local restaraunts (San Souci and Sushi Rock).

The Bad: The biggest naysayers about Cleveland are the people who live there. They need to take more pride in their city. Sure, it's got its problems, but every city does.

The Ugly: There is a huge homeless population in Cleveland, a result of a severe economic downturn in the region. In addition, all of the property taxes and income taxes have moved out of the city proper, so while the city uses more money than the county, the county makes more money than the city. They need to merge the city and county and share the load across everyone.

Overall, it was a neat little adventure to spend a weekend there.
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