Friday, July 08, 2005

Totally Leet!

I was tipped off to this nifty FireFox extension by my brother. It translates real words into leet-speek. As a demo, I've copied this paragraph below and then run the transform on it.

1 w45 71pp3d 0ff 70 7h15 n1f7y F1r3F0x 3x73n510n 8y my 8r07h3r. 17 7r4n5|4735 r34| w0rd5 1n70 |337-5p33k. 45 4 d3m0, 1'v3 (0p13d 7h15 p4r46r4ph 83|0w 4nd 7h3n run 7h3 7r4n5f0rm 0n 17.
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