Wednesday, August 31, 2005


$3.10 per gallon here, and rising.
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Network For Good

I ran across this site while browsing news regarding Hurricane Katrina, and thought I'd spread the word.

Network for Good is a nonprofit organization that connects individuals with their favorite charities.
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Aww, Hell.

I've been tagged.

By Autumn, of all people.

Normally I just ignore tags, but in this case the tagger is a)a blogger I respect, and b)a hot redhead (not mine, but still), so I feel compelled to play.

List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy, and tag five of your friends...

1. The way the Redhead rolls into the warm spot I leave in the bed when I get up.
2. That first sip of morning coffee, oh so good.
3. Finding the answer to a really difficult problem.
4. The Indian buffet having Saag (creamed spinach) for lunch
5. Comments on my blog. (Yes, I'm an attention whore)
6. Getting something finalized for the wedding.
7. Realizing I'm getting married.
8. Flying.
9. Playing "Naked Crossword" on Saturday mornings.
10. French toast at the Blue Dog Cafe.

Now I guess I'm supposed to tag someone...but I really don't want to. I know, I'm a spoilsport.

So, instead of tagging five people, I'll just extend an open invitation to all (4) of my readers to come up with your own list.
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Sorry for the negativity in my posts recently, I think a lot of stuff has been catching up with me, and a lot of bad things have been happening recently.

On the plus side, our wedding invitations are done (we decided to make them at $1.20 per invitation rather than buy them for $43 per invitation), and my sis-in-law R is going to do the addressing (only about 20 anyway). So that's a step forward.

My parents are back from their vacation in Michigan, so we'll be heading out to the farm to cook dinner for them this evening. My mom's surgery is scheduled for mid-September, so we're getting in all of the good food that we can before then...

First dove hunt of the season tomorrow. I'm not huge on hunting, but I make an exception for dove, since they're everywhere. And, no, it's not the pretty white kind of dove, but the ugly grey kind of dove.

Friday, I'm flying with my dad up to Michigan so I can drive their car back on Sunday, I expect to be paid with a nice dinner at my favorite dining establishment up there.

Sunday, after the 8 hour drive, I'll be joining the Redhead for the second half of her bachelorette weekend at a casino / spa. Friday and Saturday are girls-only, and then Sunday and Monday are coed, so it should work out. Mmmmm, massage...

And that's about it. Still feeling indirect effects of Katrina up here, some of our southern branches are still on generators, but everything seems to have calmed down a bit.

Happy thoughts!
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Falling Into A Stereotype

Ok, here's a post dedicated to the poor black community in this city's West End:

If you don't want to be stereotyped as selfish, racist assholes...don't act that way. This is addressed to a specific two-block community in the Portland area of Louisville, and not blacks at large.

Over the weekend, in this neighborhood, my future sister-in-law was rear-ended on her way back from a training session in her school, which serves this community. R, my sis-in-law, was the only non-black person in the area. She was rear-ended at a stoplight, and as she got out of her car, the local residents started coming out onto their porches and heckling her, screaming that it was her fault, why did she have to be such a dumb bitch, etc. etc. etc.

The damage was enough that she called for a police officer to take an accident report, something the driver (a young male) did not want to do. The officer got there, tool down the information, and then said to R, "He has a witness, do you?"

I'm sorry. Solidarity is one thing. Acting like a group of asshats because someone has a different skin color than you is another. Nobody witnessed that accident. Besides, let us not forget the vital point that HE rear-ended HER, which in any state is an automatic fault (except California, but they're all sorts of fucked up there anyhow).

This shit is driving me nuts.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quality Work

So, it's company policy that the refridgerator in the break room is cleaned out the last Friday of every month.

Fine, I get that.

That's why, when I put my leftovers in there YESTERDAY, I expected them to be available for my lunch TODAY.

I even turned down lunch offers because I thought I had something to eat.

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I Wouldn't Mind...

I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the looters in New Orleans getting shot.

Non-fatal wounds, of course, but a good flesh wound goes a long way towards teaching someone the rule of law.

Or some beatings.

I'm never one in favor of police brutality, but I hate people who take advantage of a city after it's been beaten down by a natural disaster even more.

What can I say?
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Humans On Parade

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, London goes and puts people in a zoo.

My favorite part:

The exhibit, which opened Friday, puts the three male and five female Homo sapiens side by side with their primate relatives — though separated from them by an electric fence.

Gotta love that male / female ratio

via Yahoo! News
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The Worst Bad Luck

On my side of the coin, hurricanes make my day SOOOO much more interesting...

Two branch locations are without power (because of the storm), and another one is having serious phone troubles.



Yes, I know I'm bitching about little stuff when people have lost lives and homes further south. I'm just commenting on how, even though the storm has barely reached my state, there are effects being felt already.

It's also kind of interesting to see the effect on the business I'm in, I work for a company that rents, sells, and services heavy construction equipment. After storms like these, it's always fascinating to see how our business is affected...
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The Best Bad Luck

So, we were at a part last night and we had a little scare. The Redhead and I were playing a beanbag tossing game called 'Cornhole' (yes, I know, don't say it...), when she suddenly stopped and got very pale.

It was weird, her heart rate had suddenly jumped to about 150 bpm (not good). We went into the air-conditioned office and sat down to rest. The bit about the best bad luck is that, even though there was only one doctor in the entire party, he was right there at the couch we sat on.

He said it was probably nothing more than a random tachycardiac arrythmia, since her heart rate came down on its own after about 5 minutes. Still, she's going to get an appointment with her doctor sometime this week for an EKG. Can't be too careful...
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Monday, August 29, 2005


"Sally, have you ever considered that with age comes wisdom and greater confidence?"

"Susan, age brings you more to shave."

It's the same for men.

Except, for us, it's more to pluck / cut / pull, etc.

Just so you women don't feel like you're the only ones. ;)
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Hey kids.

It's Monday.

Rah rah fucking rah. (I am SO not a morning person)

On the lighter side, we had a productive weekend. Saturday, we got a lot of materials for our invitations (2 parties and a wedding) and started working on that. Then we headed over to CarMax and sold The Redheads old clunker, which made both of us happy, and headed out to babysit my cousin's kids for the evening while they went on their first date in a couple of years.

Sunday, there was sleeping in, and then a nice breakfast, then more invitation work. We're almost completely done with the wedding invitations, those should be going out on Wednesday. (YAY!)

Saw The Brothers Grimm, I have to say not my favorite Terry Gilliam film. It's like they had a great script, and then some dumbass producer said, "Hey, let's add some comic relief in the form of a torturer and a French general." Didn't work too well for me. Damon and Ledger were quite well placed in the film, I thought...

Caught some Family Guy last night...I love that show...
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Extreme Makeover : Blog Edition

OK, all at once, everyone say "Thank you, Ginger."

I think she's done a beautiful job here.

Anway, this is the new look. Comments welcome.
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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Problem We Face

Sitting at lunch, listening to one group of people yelling into their cell phones and another group of people letting their babies cry so much I wanted to strap them onto a fire truck, I was struck by thought which I'd like to expand here.

We have a problem in this country. A problem that is tearing away at our moral, ethical, and social codes. It's not gays, it's not drugs, it's not the Home Shopping Network.

It is The Death of Social Communism.

Now, I do believe that Social Communism is a term that actually exists, but I don't know in what form it is meant, so all of you sociology majors out there, forgive me for giving it my own meaning. I will define Social Communism as thus:

Social Communism n. A state of social economics where each member values their contribution to the overall product of society more than their personal betterment.

And I will also define Social Capitalism as thus:

Social Capitalism
n. A state of social economics where each member values their personal betterment over their contribution to society.

I postulate that, until recently, America existed mostly in the realm of Social Communism. Yes, there are always standouts, but the majority of people interacted in such a way as to prevent themselves from negatively impacting the overall social product, i.e., they showed consideration for other.

I also postulate that, currently, America exists mostly in the realm of Social Capitalism, where a false sense of entitlement has led the majority of people to completely disregard the combined social product, and instead focus solely on their own needs and desires.

A couple of examples:

1. The driver of the Escalade who feels that they are entitled to break traffic laws and park within a couple of feet of an intersecting street, in defience of No Parking signs, thereby obstructing the view of any driver trying to turn from the intersecting street.

2. Drivers who feel entitled to chat on their cellphones as they read a map while the car is in motion, even though their overall skill at multitasking is deplorable, thereby endangering the property and safety of drivers around them.

3. Groups of mothers who bring their 1 year old infants to public eateries in such numbers that they cannot control their behavior, causing an unending cacophony of wailing that would drive a Buddhist monk to light himself on fire.

4. People who go to live theatrical events, leave their cell phones on, and then answer it when it rings and start a conversation. These people, especially, should be kneecapped.

Obviously, I've got a little bit of emotional investment in this, but I think the theory is sound even so.

More as I think of it.
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Who's The Most Famous Person From Your City?

I volunteer as an usher at The Louisville Palace (which, if you're in town and there's a show, you must is beautiful). As such, I get to see a lot of different acts come through town, and Lewis Black was one of the recent ones.

He has a bit in his show where he asks the crowd, "Who's the most famous person from your city?", and then makes fun of the ten or so names that people shout back. Here's what happened when he played Louisville:

Black : "So, who's the most famous person from Louisville?"
The Crowd (2800 people) : "MUHAMMAD ALI!!"

:: stunned silence ::

Black : "Wow. I've never been anywhere where everyone agreed like that. I usually have five or ten names to pick can't say anything bad about the guy, I really can't. Let's move on..."

It's probably one of those things that you would have had to been there to really get, but it makes me really proud that, for all of the shit that goes on in my hometown, at least we know who our heroes are.

I was reminded of this today by a story on Yahoo! News about a tribute to Ali that's being worked on in Louisville.
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Excitement Builds

So, I've got Ginger working on a design for my site. She's a really talented designer, I'm loving the stuff that she's come up with.

Don't know when things will be ready for the big change, but hopefully soon.
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Weekend Plans

Nothing huge this weekend, just a couple of little things.

Tonight, The Redhead has a "Spa Party" at her sister's house, so I'll hit up the gym and continue with the sexification of my fine body. (<---note sarcasm) Then maybe go see Brother's Grimm after that.

Tomorrow will begin with a lot of lounging in bed, naked crossword-puzzling, and then a trip to our favorite brunch spot for some of the world's best French Toast (they lace it with crack, I swear!). Not much planned for the afternoon, maybe try and start cranking out our invitations (yeah, I know we're only 6 weeks out, but we're only inviting 28 people, and they already know they're invited). Tomorrow night, we're babysitting for my cousin's children (see the post below about Gratuitious Cuteness) so they can go to a wedding reception.

Sunday, I might try to fly, depending on the weather.
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Of Course We're Divorced

When I took my car in for service this morning, I was chatting with my service rep as he was finishing the paperwork for me to sign. We ended up talking about kids, because the lady who was renting me a car to use for the day was pregnant. The service rep started talking about his kids, and then mentioned his wife, saying "Of course, we're divorced now."

That's scary, that is. Not that I fear that I will get divorced, because I don't. But it scares me that our values are so out of whack that the majority of marriages end in divorce. I'm not talking about religious or moral values, but social and family values. It's well-documented that children in single-parents families have a higher rate of almost everything bad (drug use, prison time, divorce, etc) in their lives than children of two-parent families.

Woe to society.
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Unclear on the Concept

My boss just checked in with me, asking what the status of the two database design projects he handed to me two weeks ago is.

Now, normally I'd have a lot of progress after two weeks.

But I've been in company-sponsored training (that my boss put me in) for the last two weeks. So I haven't done anything on the projects.

He didn't seem to understand that.
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Slow News Day

It's going to be a slow news day, I think.

Dropped my car off at the dealer for it's 60,000 mile service (60k in 2.5 years, that's not too bad).

Stopped for coffee on the way there, had to detour around the smashed up car that was parked on the sidewalk...nobody knows what happened, just that someone had an accident and somehow the car ended up there...

Last day of .NET training today (wohoo!)

That's about it.

Like I said, slow news day.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Being A Good Boy

So, I'm in the middle of week three of my diet and excercise commitment, and things seem to be going pretty well. I've gotten into a pretty good routine that I, so far, have been able to maintain.

I try and hit the gym four times a week, which is enough to be serious about excercise, but gives me enough flexibility so that I can do other things immediately after work as well. I'll leave work, drive home and change, and then head to the gym. The drive home part is the important part, previous attempts at an excercise routine have failed because I kept forgetting to pack my workout clothes, so driving home solves that problem. Also, the gym I go to now is less than 10 minutes away, so we're all good.

At the gym, I've been doing a combination workout. 5 minutes on the bike to start, as a warmup. Then, to the weight room, and about 35-40 minutes of training there, usually working on two opposing muscle groups. Then a cardio session, which is either lap swimming (which I still suck at) or lap jogging.

In addition, I've managed to cut what I eat each day by about 25%, so that will hopefully help matters, as well.

I'd like to keep this up until the end of the year, at least. I think it will really help me get into a better level of fitness, and then I can scale back and just do maintenance.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hand Of God

Gotta love some blasphemy.

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Our Civilization In Decline

Why is it, when people are unhappy with the way life treats them, that they resort to lawyers?

For the first time this season, Severna Park Athletic Director Wayne Mook required his coaches to record running times and player evaluation grades, then hand in that paperwork to him. It is an arduous process that many coaches find tiresome, but Mook instituted it for a reason: After a player was cut from the girls' lacrosse team last spring, the family hired lawyers to meet with the school.

via Yahoo! News
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Bad Ideas In Marketing

There are many bad ideas in marketing, but today the spotlight falls on Kia's "Buy One Car, Get A Second Car Free" program.

That's right, you buy a minivan, and you get a car for free.

I'm sorry, but there should NEVER be a buy one, get one free option with cars. That is wrong on so many levels...

On a lighter note, the Redhead loved her new Prius. I think the thiing she likes the most is that, when she walks up to the car, the interior lights come on to greet her (it's got one of those true keyless entry systems, she just has to have the fob in her purse, and she can unlock the doors, or even drive the car, without taking it out.)

She promptly dubbed it "The Green Bean", because she loves green beans and I don't eat them.

Mmm, new car smell...
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Monday, August 22, 2005


Not my idea of high fashion.

via Yahoo!
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Oh, Hell Yeah.

Just got a call from the car dealer, the Prius has arrived and is being prepped now.

I'm going to pick it up after work, and then blow the Redhead's mind when she comes home from work.
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Needs A New Name

I'm sorry, but Cornhole needs a new name.

Especially now that we're having a local Cornhole Cup.
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Gratuitous Cuteness

In an effort to raise the readership of this site, I will commence a campaign of gratuitous use of cute pictures until further notice.

Here's one of me and my cousin's son, Michael (Mr. "Naked-Time" Himself).

Please disregard the fact that I look like I'm slightly insane.

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Back to the Grind

Training again this week, Monday through Thursday.

The Redhead's birthday tonight, going to try and get a reservation at a restaraunt she loves. Also, if I'm very, very, very lucky, The Redhead's new Prius will be delivered today (cross your fingers).

That's about it. Big day, nonetheless.
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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Howling At The Moon

I love songs that let you howl along.

Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon), is a great example.
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Day of Rest

The Redhead and I came out to my parents' house in the country last night (they're in Michigan on vacation), and it looks like we'll be staying for most of the day, just chillin', spending a day doing as little as possible.

This is going to rock.
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Like Pulling Teeth

I'm trying to close out my Discover card account, and I've been on the phone with them for 10 minutes now, listening to them tell my why it's a bad idea to close the account.

What part of, "I'm not interested in any of your special offers, just close the account" do they not understand?


Took me 18 minutes to do what should've taken 2. Once they've got their hooks in you, they don't want to let go.
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Slow News Day

Sorry for the lack of entertainment / posting, folks, but there's really been naught to post.

I'm catching up on the work that piled up while I've been training this week.

It's hotter than a monkey's ass here, with a heat index of 105.

I have a new toy, a clearance-priced TapWave Zodiac 2. I'm really stunned at how good this thing is as an all-around multimedia gadget, and it makes me wonder at the level of stupidity required to run that company into the ground...

Not much else to report. My reinstall is going well, Windows was reinstalled by about 11, spent some time tracking down the obscure, non-standard drivers that IBM uses in their laptops, and now am finishing up my Visual Studio.NET reinstall.


The Redhead's birthday is this weekend...well, Monday, actually, but we're celebrating this weekend.
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A Big Fat Zero

So, I'm going to spend a good portion of my work day today zeroing out my ThinkPad, which is my primary work machine. What this means is, I've copied all the files I want to keep off of it, and I'm now in the process of formatting the hard drive, and then I'll reinstall (shudder) Windows XP.

Now, you would think this would keep me from blogging, but I shall prevail. I also have a "development machine", specifically an Apple PowerBook, so I remain connected.

Again, yes, I am a geek.

In other news, we went and saw a show at Actors Theatre of Louisville last night, the first show of the season. It's a biopic of Janis Joplin, called "Love, Janis", and it is fantastic. If you like Janis, that is.

The vocal part of the show is so demanding that they have two actresses who alternate performances. And they are incredible.

Nothiing else to report, quiet weekend ahead. I'll post again when I'm more awake.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hell Yeah

Check out the Gizoogle version of my site.

Do it yourself at
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I'm sitting in training, listening to my trainer butcher the English language.

And it's all about the emphasis.

For example, he says distriBUted, not disTRIbuted.

You might not think there's a difference, but if you say it the first way, you sound like an idiot.
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Online Tracking, Blessing or Curse?

So, I love to be able to track my packages online and see where they are. It's really funny to watch a package bounce all around the country, or the world, as it travels to me.

What I hate, is watching my package sit in a sorting facility for more than 24 hours. Case in point, my new toy arrived at the sort facility here in Louisville at 10:39am YESTERDAY, and still has not been put on the truck.

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Unfortunate Names

I feel sorry for people with unfortunate names.

Like Roger Bumpass, here.

And poor Fonda Cox (real person The Redhead used to know).

And Mike Hunt may sound innocuous, until you say it fast...
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Bad Hair Day

I am now taking submissions for the "Bad Hair Tournament, 2005"

Submissions can be posted in comments, or emailed to me.

Each submission must include a link to a (WORK SAFE) photo that demonstrates this paragon of Bad Hair.

Submissions will be accepted for 24 hours, and then the entries will be seeded.

My first submission is:

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No Matter How Right I Am, I'm Always Wrong

So, The Redhead and I were reading in bed last night (note, this is not code for sex, it's code for "reading in bed"), and she remarked how much she was enjoying the book she was reading.

("The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", very good book, I highly recommend.)

I took the opportunity to remind her that I had recommended the book to her, literally forcing it into her hands because she thought she wouldn't like it.

I got hit with said book for that one...
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Something Productive From High School

When I read this article about a group of high school students, I was so happy.

It’s called ”The Attack” and it’s a hybrid supercar with over 300 hp developed from a AC electric motor powering the front wheels and a 1.9L VW TDi biodiesel powering the rears. The batteries powering the electric motor act as capacitors able to discharge a lot of energy in short bursts, enough for 0-60 runs in the sub 4-second range. Under normal driving conditions the car is powered by the biodiesel engine and achieves 50mpg.

via AutoBlog
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Yes, we have ordered our wedding cake.

It is a three-tier cake, each layer a different flavor.

The bottom layer, 12", Hummingbird (like carrot cake, without the carrot, and with pinapple and banana...yum)

The middle layer, 10", carrot cake.

The top layer, 8", Italian Ceam

Cream cheese frosting, with a white fondant spilling down one side of the cake like a piece of cloth.

A couple of strategic flower emplacements.

Good stuff.
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Good Sounds #2 : Gomez

I love this city, man,
but this city's killing me.
Sittin' here in all this noise,
I don't get no peace.

The cars below my street
take me away piece by piece.
Gonna leave everything I know,
gonna head out towards the sea.

Today's edition of Good Sounds looks at a relatively recent addition to the American indie rock scene, the British group Gomez. The album I'm listening to today is Bring It On, a nicely eccentric mix of songs that works really well.

Gomez's strength is in it's flexibility. The band is six, maybe seven, members, three of which routinely switch instruments and singing roles from song to song, giving the band a lot more texture than if it was just a static setup. The great thing about it system is each singing member brings his own unique style to the group (a little white boy blues, a little punk rock, and a little silliness).

Here's the track list for the album, Bring It On:

  • Get Miles*

  • Whippin' Piccadilly*

  • Make No Sound*

  • 78 Stone Wobble

  • Tijuana Lady

  • Here Comes The Breeze

  • Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone*

  • Get Myself Arrested*

  • Free To Run

  • Bubble Gum Years

  • Rie's Wagon*

  • The Comeback

* denotes my favorite songs on the album.
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Naked Time!

The Redhead and I went over to my cousin's house to visit her, and to check out her new set of twins (WalMart special, I think). The twins are cuter than hell...

We also went over just to give her a hand, since she has a two year old son as well, who can be quite a handful. Her group of friends are trying to make sure that someone, either the nanny or a friend, is there each night from 5 to 11 to help out, provide extra sets of arms, etc.

My task was to bathe the aforementioned two year old, and get him ready for bed. The bath was uneventful, the kid really likes the water (family trait, so did I), so much that it was hard to get him out. I get him toweled off, and we march to his room for his PJs.

As soon as we walk in the door, he screams "NAKED TIME!!!!", throws off the towel, and procedes to run around in circles au natural.

You can only really get away with this when you're 2.

Anyhow, after we got the kids all to bed, we chatted with Shaun for a while. I don't know if kids are on the menu for a while, we were pooped, and all we did was hold them. I kind of felt like this:

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Monday, August 15, 2005


Training today is pretty damn boring.

Yummy cake to follow, so that's good.
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Gotta Love It

You gotta love it when your significant other points to the bedroom and, only half-jokingly, says, "Get in there."

:: big grin ::
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Wow, Actual Work

So, today begins a fortnight of training at work, we've got a group coming in to teach the programmers about something, I'm not really sure what.

They're including me in this because they want me to do more programming (blech!).

So, my posting schedule will probably look something like this:

Today - Low-volume posting, as I feel out the waters in class.
Tomorrow - High-volume posting resumes as normal, as I realize I can slack in a classroom as well as in my cubicle.

In other news, we're tasting cakes tonight, and then off to my cousin's house to meet her twin boys (they were delived in late July, but The Redhead and I were sick for a while, so we wisely held off until we were better).
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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Yes, our Saturday was very productive.

Started out by heading out to brunch at a local bakery, Blue Dog Cafe. Now, this isn't widely known, but they have the best french toast in the known universe, and it's because they lace it with crack. Seriously, any of you make it to Louisville on a Saturday, head over to Frankfort Ave. and get yourself some Blue Dog french toast...

Went from there over to Macy's to add some more stuff to our wedding registry. We brought it up to about a hundred items, which I think will work very well for us, since the wedding is pretty small, and we have a couple of other registries as well.

Also headed over to a local boutique shop called Dolfingers, they deal in expensive wedding gifts, and set up a registry. This is more for the older crowd, people who we don't know but are obigated through some bizarre social confluence to give us expensive stuff. I have this feeling we'll be a little like my parents, who received 19 set of silver candlesticks for their wedding. (This is not an exaggeration, fully half the lamps in their house are converted candlesticks)

We also went shopping for something for me to wear for the wedding, and found a really nice three-button suit (on sale!). I think The Redhead was a little shocked that I could find something to wear in all of 30 minutes of shopping.

Made a couple of other small errand stops, then went to the pool and swam some, that was nice. Whenever the temperatures are in the triple digits, it's nice to get in the water for a bit.

Had dinner last night with my aunt and uncle who are throwing a big-ass party for us the weekend before we get married, worked on some of the details there...

No wonder we were exhausted. It's days like yesterday that keep me from attaining the coveted position of Deputy Slacker.
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Masks Are Cool, Mmmmkay?

The Redhead and I went on a two week trip to Italy in February of 2003. While we were in Verona, we stumbled across a very nice mask shop, and I though I'd share.

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New Kitchen Accessories

The newest kitchen accessory for the modern woman:

via Wyrd
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Hunka Hunka Burnin'...Rock

Going out to the farm to see if we can catch the Perseids tonight.

The Perseids, for the astronomically uninitiated, are an annual meteor shower that occurs this time of year. The cause of the meteor shower is a cloud of dust that passes through Earth's orbit at this spot. Because of the time of year, the meteors seem to be coming out of the constellation Perseus, which gives them their name, the Perseids.

(The Leonids in November are another example, they come from the constellation Leo)

Should be a good show, I think they peak tonight...
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The Unlucky Four Percent

Calling it a Pandora's Box with broad health implications, British researchers say genetic testing is informing about 4 percent of fathers that a child they are raising is not their own.

And, you know that the numbers in the U.S. have to be higher, they just haven't figured it out yet...

On the lighter side, trust the British to come up with a term for it like "paternal discrepancy"...

via Yahoo! News
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School's In Session

Ah, the slow, inexorable march of time...

I can always tell that summer is ending by the increased traffic brought about by schools. My route to work takes me past two schools, on an elementary school and the other a Catholic high school. As long as I hit those locations within my normal timeframe, everything is fine, but if I'm running even 3 minutes late, there's hell to pay.

Of course, this has gotten me thinking about the question, would I rather be in school or at work? Each has pros and cons...

In school, I'd have to be there around 7:30 or 8, and stay until about 3. At work, I show up at 7:30 and stay till 4:30.

In school, I'd have no freedom to take breaks on my own schedule.

In school, I wouldn't be able to drink coffee.

In school, I would have to pay attention.

In school, I wouldn't be able to blog / surf the web. (Not that I EVER do that at work)

The short and sweet of it is, while a career sucks, it's still better than school.

You know, I think I'd make a great motivaitonal speaker for children...
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

How Do You Like My Codpiece?

Fish for dinner tonight.

Nice and quick recipe.

2 cod fillets
Soy sauce
1 lime
Brown sugar
Powdered Ginger


Mix about a cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and a dash of powdered ginger in a sealable container.

Squeeze in the juice of one lime, then toss in the rind.

Place fish fillets in container, seal, and place in fridge. Let sit for at least 10 minutes, or up to 6 hours.


Preheat grill (medium) or oven (350).

Place fillets (skin side down) on tin foil, fold up edges to prevent spills. If baking, place foil on baking sheet.

Pour a bit of the marinade on the fish and place on grill / in oven.

After 5 minutes of cooking, pour some more marinade on.

Cook 10 minutes per inch of thickness.


Quick, easy, and quite tasty recipe. The brown sugar caramalizes, making it especially yummy. It's good with mac and cheese, too.
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What Age Do you Act?

I, apparently, act 33. (I'm 26)

Go figure.

If you want to know your acting age, go here.

via JezzyLife
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Ok, so, the spammers have already started.

Accordingly, only registered bloggers may post comments now. It sucks, and I know it cuts out some of the people who read this blog, but I want to keep it this way for a short while and see if I can't get myself off their list.

Anyone wants to comment who can't, email me at:

spasticchimp [at] gmail [dot] com
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Giving Some Head

We've got an art project around downtown Lousville, it's kind of hard to describe, so here are some pictures.

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The Squirrels of Wrath

I've got a relatively small piece of property, only a few feet of grass on either side of my house, because of where it is situated. On one side, I've turned the earth (I love that phrase) and planted some tomato plants, some eggplants (shouldn't they be eggplant plants?), and some other vegetables. And, lo and behold, they've been growing.

Now, I did not know this before, but squirrels apparently LOVE tomatoes. They are very adept at picking one the day before you think it's ripe, eating about half of it, and then leaving the rest to rot in your garden. Tricky bastards.

Anyway, I'm looking out my window yesterday evening, and I see two things simultaneously: A red, ripe tomato just ready for the picking, and a squirrel perched on the fence above, looking longingly at it. I tell The Redhead I'll be right back, and I make a dash for the side door.

As I open the door, I can see my foe preparing to pounce upon the poor, unsuspecting tomato. I wave my arms and shout like an idiot, as adults are want to do when they want to seem frightening, and the squirrel retreats to the safety of a nearby telephone pole, just a few feet out of arms reach. I walk over to the garden and pick the tomato in question, and the squirrel STARTS SWEARING AT ME. I kid you not, he was making really ugly noises and shaking his tail at me. Translated, I think he was saying:

"You mothafucka, I'm going to climb into your attic and shit all over the place tonight."

I can't believe I'm battling a squirrel (and a mean one at that) for control of my garden.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Curse Of Efficiency

So, I've discovered that I've screwed myself, by virtue of being good at my job.

People have started to bypass the HelpDesk (for which I am only a backup) and dial me direct (damn that new phone system!).

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Your Not-So-Average What?

Looking at my profile, I realize that I have labeled myself a "not-so-average white guy".

Why would I do that? Why would I bring my skin tone into play in a place where, ideally, nobody knows what color you are? I became curious about this, and gave it some thought. Here's what I came up with:

My skin color, like everything else about me (gender, hair color, social background, location, education, etc.) has an effect on who I am. It's not pleasent for some people to hear, but it's true nonetheless. We could go on about colorblindness, etc., but that's all bullshit, really. We can no more be colorblind than we can be genderblind.

At this point, let me make clear that I am not at all discussing the merits of any particular race. Rather, I'm interested in the social effect of skin color, as an equal part of the overall package.

Back to the point, I came to the conclusion that, to label myself "white" is as natural to me as labeling myself a "guy". It's not out of any feeling of power, or outrage, or guilt, but out of an acknowledgement that your skin is a feature, just like everything else. My eye color, my gender, my hair color, my beard, all of that ties into who I am.

This is kind of an unfocused rambling, but I'm feeling some good self-discovery out of this, which is good.

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The Wangs

Whilst in Memphis, on Belleview Rd., I passed an eatery with the following name:

"All About Dem Wangs"

Seriously, how bout dem wangs?

Here, in the South, we spell by phonics.
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So Much To Say?

These days, it seems like everywhere I turn in the blogsphere, people are jumping on the Podcasting bandwagon.

Mommy, I want to play too.

But, when it comes right down to it, my melodious voice has nothing to say. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Yes, I supposed it could come as a surprise, especially considering the volume of material I post on a weekly basis here, that I can't find anything to say. But speaking it, saying it out loud, it's different.

That's why I don't like phone calls. The way I type makes for (semi) interesting reading, especially if you have ADD.

The way I talk makes me sound...well, like I have ADD.

What's an aspiring podcaster to do?
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Am I A Good Date?

Found this on some dude's blog, thought I'd take the test. I must say, I'm quite happy with the results (I'd hate to be thought a player, and I think that respecting someone is the best thing you can do for them).

The Good Date
You are a 80 good date!

You don't necessarily know all the moves, but women generally enjoy going out with you. You're respectful, classy, and you show them a good time. The quality of any given date will depend more on your chemistry with a woman than anything you personally do. If she likes you, she will come home smiling and hope you call soon.

via The Apple Guy
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The Revolution Is Coming

I was down in Tupelo, MS yesterday, doing some technical installations at one of our branches, and ended up talking to a farmer who wanted to know more about BioDiesel. I find this interesting, because when I think of alternative fuels, rural Mississippi doesn't immediately spring to mind.

Since BD is one of my personal "Save The World" issues, I know a bit about it, and was able to explain some of the finer points to him, and point him in the right direction to find out more. It was really gratifying to hear someone who's not technically savvy, or a raging liberal, talk about alternative fuels.

Anyway, it got me thinking, since most of the machines our shops work on are diesels. I've put together a small packet of information and fired it off to the Executive office for their perusal. I'd like to see our technicians and customer service reps educated so that they can help customers who have questions about the whole BioDiesel thing make a choice that's right for them. It might encourage more people to use it if they know their support group knows about it too...

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Third-Year Slide

The legalists who read this blog (the few, the proud, the law students) might enjoy this article.

At many top law schools, the third year is famously relaxed, a halcyon interlude between rigorous introductory courses and the long hours that await graduates at law firm jobs. There is research and volunteer work, but also a lot of bar-hopping and little studying: 15 hours per week, according to one survey at 11 law schools, compared to 33 hours for first-year students.

I'll have to pass this along to my brother (who will be starting at Virginia Law in the fall).

via Yahoo! news
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Night Visits

It's just a little thing, but I love it when The Redhead returns home late from something (for example, last night's concert) and sneaks into bed next to me.

I usually don't wake up for it, but I know she's there, and that makes all the difference.

:: sigh ::

I'm such a sap...
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quiet Night In

Back from a business trip, first to Memphis, then to Tupelo.

Kind of the Elvis Presley memorial trip, I guess.

Quiet night tonight. The Redhead is off seing a concert in Indianapolis (I got back too late to go), so I'm enjoying a quiet evening at home with my pizza (Papa John's), my pseudo beer (O'Douls), and a little movie watching.

On a side note, why do servers look at me like I'm a freak when I ask if they have non-alcoholic beer?
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Monday, August 08, 2005

Music To My Ears

Apparently, it has now been proven that men have difficulty listening to women.

The Mail quoted researcher Michael Hunter as saying, "The female voice is actually more complex than the male voice, due to differences in the size and shape of the vocal cords and larynx between men and women, and also due to women having greater natural 'melody' in their voices.

"This causes a more complex range of sound frequencies than in a male voice."

via Yahoo! News
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You Can Bet On It

Yes, it turns out that there's even MORE proof that people will bet on anything, now that you can bet on gas prices.

An online betting site is taking bets on how high gas prices will be at the end of the summer.

via The Houston Chronicle
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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Site Updates

You may or may not have noticed a couple of new items on the sidebar.

First, I've switched to BlogRoll for my blog linking needs. Pretty darn nifty, I'd recommend it for anyone who anticipates adding a lot of links.

Secondly, I've registered the Blog at The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. Just another nifty way to track the interconnections on these wacky Internets.

(Public Service Reminder : Only use the good Internets. The bad Internets are bad. If you use the bad Internets, you're a terrorist.)
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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Accident? Or Clever Marketing?

So, I'm going through some of my CDs, ripping the one's I haven't ripped, and then putting them on a spindle for storage...

The Redhead comes in, and points out the CD that I just placed on the spindle...

So, um...yeah.

Bonus points to anyone who can name the artist / album.
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Friday, August 05, 2005

Sneaking Suspicion

I'm starting to suspect that I've left my iPod in Kingsport. I don't know how that could've happened, because I don't remember taking it out of my bag, but there ya go.

Now, it's time to start calling places I've been...

"Excuse me, but did I leave my musical addiction at your location?"


The iPod has been found, crisis averted. It was crammed into a small corner of one of my bags.

It's a little disturbing how freaked out I was by the thought that it might be lost...
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We Share Everything

One of the things I'm finding most interesting about having an extended, close, physical relationship with someone is the way you share everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING.

Right now, I'm on the sharing end of a nifty little cold she had a couple of weeks ago. What's interesting is how closely my symptoms are matching hers. It's like watching it from the outside first, and then experiencing it from the inside.

Anywho, if her experience with it is any indicator, I should be sick until next Tuesday.

In other news, wedding planning continues on schedule. Since the cruise line we're trying to book the honeymoon with has been very unhelpful (we're on the waiting list), we've decided to start booking hotels and assume we're going to be making the trip without the big boat.

Anyone have any personal experiences in Greece (particularly the isles) that they'd like to share?
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Home Again, Home Again

jigitty jigg...something.

Back home. Still coughing.


Stay tuned.
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kodak Moments...

Greetings from Kingsport, TN. Apparently, there's some kind of Kodak plant here, but I have yet to see it.

I'm down here on a visit to one of our branches, doing some equipment upgrades and installation, as well as some training, etc.

Just thought I'd clue you in.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Usless Trivia Of The Day

According to IMDB, regarding the budget of the movie "Pearl Harbor":

The total amount of money spent on production and promotion roughly equaled the amount of damage caused in the actual attack.

I'll say it for you.

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My Take On Religion

It's taken many years of soul searching, reading, study, and the occasional flaggellation, but I've finally figured out the core of my religious beliefs:

Jesus Is Fucking Metal.

Yeah, you'd better believe it.
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The Dumb One

It's a little disheartening to realize that, starting in a couple of weeks, two of my three younger brothers will be starting grad school (one starts law school, the other is entering the 5th year of a B.A. / M.A. program). In fact, odds are that my youngest brother will hit up the M.B.A track, which will make me the only one of the four of us without a graduate degree.

Now, part of that is because I'm not big on business as a career. I know that, but it's still uncomfortable to realize that I'll be the odd man out.

It's childish, I know. But it's still there...
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:: cough cough hack wheeze ::

Ok, so I'm obviously progressing through whatever I have, my throat no longer feels like I'm being stabbed whenever I swallow, so I was able to sleep the entire night last night (yippee!), but now I'm coughing and hacking like it's my job. It's interesting to see how closely my symptoms mimic The Redhead's symptoms last week, when she had it.

I'm pretty sure, at this point, that I got it from The Redhead, and she's pretty sure she got it from some lady from Arena Stage (Washington, D.C.) that was coughing next to her at a conference in Cleveland a couple weeks ago.

Which means I've got myself a well-traveled virus, I have.
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Monday, August 01, 2005

On The Pod #2 : Phish 02/21/03

Ok, so, you might as well know this about me:

I love Phish.

I mean, I LOVE Phish.

eargasm - n. An aurally stimulated experience, similar to an orgasm, but without the mess.

The 02/21/03 show was my first Phish concert. The Redhead has been a fan for a while, but I was just trailing out of my heavy-metal-angst phase, and hadn't really developed an appreciation for other types of music yet. So she was kind of taking a risk, taking me to this show.

We'd been officially dating for about 5 months at that point, and both of us knew it was getting pretty serious. She got my ticket for me for Valentine's Day (without telling me), and arranged the time off with my boss (without telling me), and then dragged me out of work early one Friday to drive up to Cincinnati with her.

Before the show, I had never heard so much as a note of Phish, so it was a complete shock to me. I think it really helped that it turned out to be a stunningly good show (one of the top 10 post-hiatus shows on many lists), but I was blown away. Honestly, it was a crucial point for our relationship, in more than one way. I mean, I guess she could've loved me even if I hated the music, or disliked the crowd, or the concert scene, but it would've made it harder.

In a way, that's one of the things that we truly share, our love of music. We have aspects of our personality that are similar, and many that are different, but our understanding of music is what really helped us bond.

Anyway, I digress, as I often do. Here's the setlist for the show:

Set I
1. Wilson (if you've never heard 17,000 people chanting in unison, you've missed something)
2. Frankenstein
3. Down With Disease
4. Lifeboy
5. Boogie On Reggae Woman (veeeery funky)
6. Run Like An Antelope
7. I Didn't Know (acoustic vocal)

Set II
1. Mike's Song
2. Free (heavy on the bass, I likey)
3. Waste> (very sweet, kind of our date song)
4. 2001 (opens with a tease of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring)
5. Harry Hood (eargasm about 14 minutes in)
6. All Of These Dreams
7. Possum
8. Cavern

1. Wading In The Velvet Sea
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A Note On NyQuil...

I love NyQuil, man. Big N, small y, BIG FUCKIN' Q. I love the fuckin' Q. You get high off the shit and just stare at the box, like, "The Q is talking to me, the Q is talking to me..."

- Dennis Leary, "No Cure For Cancer"

So, in an effort to thwart my illness over the weekend (unsuccessful, basically all I did was move past the contagious phase into the painfully sore throat phase), I took a variety of medicines, most of them geared for daytime use, but one geared for nighttime. Of course, I'm talking about NyQuil, here. I had a really interesting experience on NyQuil, and I wanted to relate...

As background, I should tell you that I'm not really rested unless I get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

However, both nights I took NyQuil, I woke up constantly. And, oddly enough, I came to full conciousness quickly, tossed for about 5 minutes, and then dropped right back into sleep. Normally, if I wake up this many times in a night, I'm going to feel like crap all day, and I can tell when I wake up. This morning, however, I felt rested and ready to go (despite the fact that it hurt like hell to swallow). Very strange...

My hypothesis is this: The NyQuil put me into a pretty deep sleep to start out, maybe the first 4 hours. And I think I got some really heavy REM sleep (no, Michael Stipe was NOT involved). After that, I think that every time I awoke was during one of the intermission periods between REM sessions, and I would fall back into a dream state pretty quickly after sleeping. And, let me tell you, I had some bizarre dreams.

Dreams about shaving my beard without realizing it, dreams about not being able to find my shoes, dreams about being on tour and nobody telling me which venue we needed to go get the picture.

Anyhow, we'll see how the rest of the day goes from here. If I degenerate into rambling madness, you'll know it's because of lack of sleep.

In Other News

The Chief Slacker has been AWOL from his posting duties. My hope is that he spent the weekend cuddling with The Cute Paramedic.

:: fingers crossed ::
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