Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bad Ideas In Marketing

There are many bad ideas in marketing, but today the spotlight falls on Kia's "Buy One Car, Get A Second Car Free" program.

That's right, you buy a minivan, and you get a car for free.

I'm sorry, but there should NEVER be a buy one, get one free option with cars. That is wrong on so many levels...

On a lighter note, the Redhead loved her new Prius. I think the thiing she likes the most is that, when she walks up to the car, the interior lights come on to greet her (it's got one of those true keyless entry systems, she just has to have the fob in her purse, and she can unlock the doors, or even drive the car, without taking it out.)

She promptly dubbed it "The Green Bean", because she loves green beans and I don't eat them.

Mmm, new car smell...
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