Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Best Bad Luck

So, we were at a part last night and we had a little scare. The Redhead and I were playing a beanbag tossing game called 'Cornhole' (yes, I know, don't say it...), when she suddenly stopped and got very pale.

It was weird, her heart rate had suddenly jumped to about 150 bpm (not good). We went into the air-conditioned office and sat down to rest. The bit about the best bad luck is that, even though there was only one doctor in the entire party, he was right there at the couch we sat on.

He said it was probably nothing more than a random tachycardiac arrythmia, since her heart rate came down on its own after about 5 minutes. Still, she's going to get an appointment with her doctor sometime this week for an EKG. Can't be too careful...
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