Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Sounds #2 : Gomez

I love this city, man,
but this city's killing me.
Sittin' here in all this noise,
I don't get no peace.

The cars below my street
take me away piece by piece.
Gonna leave everything I know,
gonna head out towards the sea.

Today's edition of Good Sounds looks at a relatively recent addition to the American indie rock scene, the British group Gomez. The album I'm listening to today is Bring It On, a nicely eccentric mix of songs that works really well.

Gomez's strength is in it's flexibility. The band is six, maybe seven, members, three of which routinely switch instruments and singing roles from song to song, giving the band a lot more texture than if it was just a static setup. The great thing about it system is each singing member brings his own unique style to the group (a little white boy blues, a little punk rock, and a little silliness).

Here's the track list for the album, Bring It On:

  • Get Miles*

  • Whippin' Piccadilly*

  • Make No Sound*

  • 78 Stone Wobble

  • Tijuana Lady

  • Here Comes The Breeze

  • Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone*

  • Get Myself Arrested*

  • Free To Run

  • Bubble Gum Years

  • Rie's Wagon*

  • The Comeback

* denotes my favorite songs on the album.
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