Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Sorry for the negativity in my posts recently, I think a lot of stuff has been catching up with me, and a lot of bad things have been happening recently.

On the plus side, our wedding invitations are done (we decided to make them at $1.20 per invitation rather than buy them for $43 per invitation), and my sis-in-law R is going to do the addressing (only about 20 anyway). So that's a step forward.

My parents are back from their vacation in Michigan, so we'll be heading out to the farm to cook dinner for them this evening. My mom's surgery is scheduled for mid-September, so we're getting in all of the good food that we can before then...

First dove hunt of the season tomorrow. I'm not huge on hunting, but I make an exception for dove, since they're everywhere. And, no, it's not the pretty white kind of dove, but the ugly grey kind of dove.

Friday, I'm flying with my dad up to Michigan so I can drive their car back on Sunday, I expect to be paid with a nice dinner at my favorite dining establishment up there.

Sunday, after the 8 hour drive, I'll be joining the Redhead for the second half of her bachelorette weekend at a casino / spa. Friday and Saturday are girls-only, and then Sunday and Monday are coed, so it should work out. Mmmmm, massage...

And that's about it. Still feeling indirect effects of Katrina up here, some of our southern branches are still on generators, but everything seems to have calmed down a bit.

Happy thoughts!
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