Monday, August 01, 2005

A Note On NyQuil...

I love NyQuil, man. Big N, small y, BIG FUCKIN' Q. I love the fuckin' Q. You get high off the shit and just stare at the box, like, "The Q is talking to me, the Q is talking to me..."

- Dennis Leary, "No Cure For Cancer"

So, in an effort to thwart my illness over the weekend (unsuccessful, basically all I did was move past the contagious phase into the painfully sore throat phase), I took a variety of medicines, most of them geared for daytime use, but one geared for nighttime. Of course, I'm talking about NyQuil, here. I had a really interesting experience on NyQuil, and I wanted to relate...

As background, I should tell you that I'm not really rested unless I get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

However, both nights I took NyQuil, I woke up constantly. And, oddly enough, I came to full conciousness quickly, tossed for about 5 minutes, and then dropped right back into sleep. Normally, if I wake up this many times in a night, I'm going to feel like crap all day, and I can tell when I wake up. This morning, however, I felt rested and ready to go (despite the fact that it hurt like hell to swallow). Very strange...

My hypothesis is this: The NyQuil put me into a pretty deep sleep to start out, maybe the first 4 hours. And I think I got some really heavy REM sleep (no, Michael Stipe was NOT involved). After that, I think that every time I awoke was during one of the intermission periods between REM sessions, and I would fall back into a dream state pretty quickly after sleeping. And, let me tell you, I had some bizarre dreams.

Dreams about shaving my beard without realizing it, dreams about not being able to find my shoes, dreams about being on tour and nobody telling me which venue we needed to go get the picture.

Anyhow, we'll see how the rest of the day goes from here. If I degenerate into rambling madness, you'll know it's because of lack of sleep.

In Other News

The Chief Slacker has been AWOL from his posting duties. My hope is that he spent the weekend cuddling with The Cute Paramedic.

:: fingers crossed ::
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