Thursday, August 25, 2005

Of Course We're Divorced

When I took my car in for service this morning, I was chatting with my service rep as he was finishing the paperwork for me to sign. We ended up talking about kids, because the lady who was renting me a car to use for the day was pregnant. The service rep started talking about his kids, and then mentioned his wife, saying "Of course, we're divorced now."

That's scary, that is. Not that I fear that I will get divorced, because I don't. But it scares me that our values are so out of whack that the majority of marriages end in divorce. I'm not talking about religious or moral values, but social and family values. It's well-documented that children in single-parents families have a higher rate of almost everything bad (drug use, prison time, divorce, etc) in their lives than children of two-parent families.

Woe to society.
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