Friday, August 26, 2005

The Problem We Face

Sitting at lunch, listening to one group of people yelling into their cell phones and another group of people letting their babies cry so much I wanted to strap them onto a fire truck, I was struck by thought which I'd like to expand here.

We have a problem in this country. A problem that is tearing away at our moral, ethical, and social codes. It's not gays, it's not drugs, it's not the Home Shopping Network.

It is The Death of Social Communism.

Now, I do believe that Social Communism is a term that actually exists, but I don't know in what form it is meant, so all of you sociology majors out there, forgive me for giving it my own meaning. I will define Social Communism as thus:

Social Communism n. A state of social economics where each member values their contribution to the overall product of society more than their personal betterment.

And I will also define Social Capitalism as thus:

Social Capitalism
n. A state of social economics where each member values their personal betterment over their contribution to society.

I postulate that, until recently, America existed mostly in the realm of Social Communism. Yes, there are always standouts, but the majority of people interacted in such a way as to prevent themselves from negatively impacting the overall social product, i.e., they showed consideration for other.

I also postulate that, currently, America exists mostly in the realm of Social Capitalism, where a false sense of entitlement has led the majority of people to completely disregard the combined social product, and instead focus solely on their own needs and desires.

A couple of examples:

1. The driver of the Escalade who feels that they are entitled to break traffic laws and park within a couple of feet of an intersecting street, in defience of No Parking signs, thereby obstructing the view of any driver trying to turn from the intersecting street.

2. Drivers who feel entitled to chat on their cellphones as they read a map while the car is in motion, even though their overall skill at multitasking is deplorable, thereby endangering the property and safety of drivers around them.

3. Groups of mothers who bring their 1 year old infants to public eateries in such numbers that they cannot control their behavior, causing an unending cacophony of wailing that would drive a Buddhist monk to light himself on fire.

4. People who go to live theatrical events, leave their cell phones on, and then answer it when it rings and start a conversation. These people, especially, should be kneecapped.

Obviously, I've got a little bit of emotional investment in this, but I think the theory is sound even so.

More as I think of it.
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