Sunday, August 14, 2005


Yes, our Saturday was very productive.

Started out by heading out to brunch at a local bakery, Blue Dog Cafe. Now, this isn't widely known, but they have the best french toast in the known universe, and it's because they lace it with crack. Seriously, any of you make it to Louisville on a Saturday, head over to Frankfort Ave. and get yourself some Blue Dog french toast...

Went from there over to Macy's to add some more stuff to our wedding registry. We brought it up to about a hundred items, which I think will work very well for us, since the wedding is pretty small, and we have a couple of other registries as well.

Also headed over to a local boutique shop called Dolfingers, they deal in expensive wedding gifts, and set up a registry. This is more for the older crowd, people who we don't know but are obigated through some bizarre social confluence to give us expensive stuff. I have this feeling we'll be a little like my parents, who received 19 set of silver candlesticks for their wedding. (This is not an exaggeration, fully half the lamps in their house are converted candlesticks)

We also went shopping for something for me to wear for the wedding, and found a really nice three-button suit (on sale!). I think The Redhead was a little shocked that I could find something to wear in all of 30 minutes of shopping.

Made a couple of other small errand stops, then went to the pool and swam some, that was nice. Whenever the temperatures are in the triple digits, it's nice to get in the water for a bit.

Had dinner last night with my aunt and uncle who are throwing a big-ass party for us the weekend before we get married, worked on some of the details there...

No wonder we were exhausted. It's days like yesterday that keep me from attaining the coveted position of Deputy Slacker.
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