Monday, August 29, 2005


Hey kids.

It's Monday.

Rah rah fucking rah. (I am SO not a morning person)

On the lighter side, we had a productive weekend. Saturday, we got a lot of materials for our invitations (2 parties and a wedding) and started working on that. Then we headed over to CarMax and sold The Redheads old clunker, which made both of us happy, and headed out to babysit my cousin's kids for the evening while they went on their first date in a couple of years.

Sunday, there was sleeping in, and then a nice breakfast, then more invitation work. We're almost completely done with the wedding invitations, those should be going out on Wednesday. (YAY!)

Saw The Brothers Grimm, I have to say not my favorite Terry Gilliam film. It's like they had a great script, and then some dumbass producer said, "Hey, let's add some comic relief in the form of a torturer and a French general." Didn't work too well for me. Damon and Ledger were quite well placed in the film, I thought...

Caught some Family Guy last night...I love that show...
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