Friday, August 12, 2005

School's In Session

Ah, the slow, inexorable march of time...

I can always tell that summer is ending by the increased traffic brought about by schools. My route to work takes me past two schools, on an elementary school and the other a Catholic high school. As long as I hit those locations within my normal timeframe, everything is fine, but if I'm running even 3 minutes late, there's hell to pay.

Of course, this has gotten me thinking about the question, would I rather be in school or at work? Each has pros and cons...

In school, I'd have to be there around 7:30 or 8, and stay until about 3. At work, I show up at 7:30 and stay till 4:30.

In school, I'd have no freedom to take breaks on my own schedule.

In school, I wouldn't be able to drink coffee.

In school, I would have to pay attention.

In school, I wouldn't be able to blog / surf the web. (Not that I EVER do that at work)

The short and sweet of it is, while a career sucks, it's still better than school.

You know, I think I'd make a great motivaitonal speaker for children...
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