Friday, August 19, 2005

Slow News Day

Sorry for the lack of entertainment / posting, folks, but there's really been naught to post.

I'm catching up on the work that piled up while I've been training this week.

It's hotter than a monkey's ass here, with a heat index of 105.

I have a new toy, a clearance-priced TapWave Zodiac 2. I'm really stunned at how good this thing is as an all-around multimedia gadget, and it makes me wonder at the level of stupidity required to run that company into the ground...

Not much else to report. My reinstall is going well, Windows was reinstalled by about 11, spent some time tracking down the obscure, non-standard drivers that IBM uses in their laptops, and now am finishing up my Visual Studio.NET reinstall.


The Redhead's birthday is this weekend...well, Monday, actually, but we're celebrating this weekend.
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