Friday, August 05, 2005

We Share Everything

One of the things I'm finding most interesting about having an extended, close, physical relationship with someone is the way you share everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING.

Right now, I'm on the sharing end of a nifty little cold she had a couple of weeks ago. What's interesting is how closely my symptoms are matching hers. It's like watching it from the outside first, and then experiencing it from the inside.

Anywho, if her experience with it is any indicator, I should be sick until next Tuesday.

In other news, wedding planning continues on schedule. Since the cruise line we're trying to book the honeymoon with has been very unhelpful (we're on the waiting list), we've decided to start booking hotels and assume we're going to be making the trip without the big boat.

Anyone have any personal experiences in Greece (particularly the isles) that they'd like to share?
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