Friday, August 26, 2005

Weekend Plans

Nothing huge this weekend, just a couple of little things.

Tonight, The Redhead has a "Spa Party" at her sister's house, so I'll hit up the gym and continue with the sexification of my fine body. (<---note sarcasm) Then maybe go see Brother's Grimm after that.

Tomorrow will begin with a lot of lounging in bed, naked crossword-puzzling, and then a trip to our favorite brunch spot for some of the world's best French Toast (they lace it with crack, I swear!). Not much planned for the afternoon, maybe try and start cranking out our invitations (yeah, I know we're only 6 weeks out, but we're only inviting 28 people, and they already know they're invited). Tomorrow night, we're babysitting for my cousin's children (see the post below about Gratuitious Cuteness) so they can go to a wedding reception.

Sunday, I might try to fly, depending on the weather.
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