Friday, August 26, 2005

Who's The Most Famous Person From Your City?

I volunteer as an usher at The Louisville Palace (which, if you're in town and there's a show, you must is beautiful). As such, I get to see a lot of different acts come through town, and Lewis Black was one of the recent ones.

He has a bit in his show where he asks the crowd, "Who's the most famous person from your city?", and then makes fun of the ten or so names that people shout back. Here's what happened when he played Louisville:

Black : "So, who's the most famous person from Louisville?"
The Crowd (2800 people) : "MUHAMMAD ALI!!"

:: stunned silence ::

Black : "Wow. I've never been anywhere where everyone agreed like that. I usually have five or ten names to pick can't say anything bad about the guy, I really can't. Let's move on..."

It's probably one of those things that you would have had to been there to really get, but it makes me really proud that, for all of the shit that goes on in my hometown, at least we know who our heroes are.

I was reminded of this today by a story on Yahoo! News about a tribute to Ali that's being worked on in Louisville.
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