Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Your Not-So-Average What?

Looking at my profile, I realize that I have labeled myself a "not-so-average white guy".

Why would I do that? Why would I bring my skin tone into play in a place where, ideally, nobody knows what color you are? I became curious about this, and gave it some thought. Here's what I came up with:

My skin color, like everything else about me (gender, hair color, social background, location, education, etc.) has an effect on who I am. It's not pleasent for some people to hear, but it's true nonetheless. We could go on about colorblindness, etc., but that's all bullshit, really. We can no more be colorblind than we can be genderblind.

At this point, let me make clear that I am not at all discussing the merits of any particular race. Rather, I'm interested in the social effect of skin color, as an equal part of the overall package.

Back to the point, I came to the conclusion that, to label myself "white" is as natural to me as labeling myself a "guy". It's not out of any feeling of power, or outrage, or guilt, but out of an acknowledgement that your skin is a feature, just like everything else. My eye color, my gender, my hair color, my beard, all of that ties into who I am.

This is kind of an unfocused rambling, but I'm feeling some good self-discovery out of this, which is good.

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