Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hall Of Shame

I have nothing of interest this morning, but I am addicted to posting, so I trolled through my archives (I can't believe I post so much crap) and pulled some of my favorites in a couple of different categories.


Working The Hell Desk
Call Of The Day
Dark Foreboding
Helpdesk Call of the Week
Helpdesk Call of The Day
A Piece Of My Life
It's Official...
Working The HellDesk

Funny Stuff
Thoughts On Arbys
I Love Living In The South
The Female Orgasm
Forget The Stock Market

Angry Stuff
Oh My God
What's With The Wristbands?
I Hate People

Picture Posts
Glowstick War
Pictures, Round 2
No Words Necessary
Gratuitous Cuteness
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