Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Want...

I like things with gears and stuff, so I've been keeping tabs, via Autoblog, on the Frankfurt (Germany) Auto Show. Apparently, Toyota has announced that they will be replacing the Echo with the Yaris, which is their compact car in the European market.

The reason that I bring this up is, well, I find it exciting. I'm hoping that the Americanized Yaris will produce pretty good MPG and emissions numbers, without being a hybrid, which would allow me to replace my '02 Prius with a cheaper, but almost as efficient car. (I'm averaging 46 MPG right now, and if I could get 36+ with the Yaris, I would seriously consider it)

Why? Well, when I think about it, there are now two Hybrids in my immediate family, and mine is 3 years and 60,000 miles older than The Redheads. I use my car, predominently, about 20 miles a day around the city. If the Yaris isn't a polluter or a gas hog, why not go for the smaller, cheaper car for the day-to-day stuff, and use The Redheads vehicle for our road trips?

Just a thought. I'm also excited because, apparently, there are some version of the Yaris which are kind of partial-Hybrids, where they have a battery that allows the engine to turn off at idle, but they lack the electric motors to boost acceleration. *THAT* could be a way cool method of bringing one of the best features of a hybrid to the non-hybrid crowd...

:: crosses fingers ::
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