Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm So Ashamed

Why, why, WHY am I addicted to horribly bad movies?

I mean, like awesomely bad movies.

Why, why, WHY did I got see "Transporter 2" when I knew, I KNEW it was going suck big fat donkey dick?

Because I'm a freak.

Maybe my brains were addled from having to listen to a bunch of drunk old people sing songs after the clubhouse dinner I went to tonight.

Maybe it was because I had talked myself hoarse thanking everyone for their well wishes for my wedding, my mother, etc. etc. etc.

Or maybe it's because, if another person said "I remember you when you were only this tall", I'd reply, "Funny, I remember you when you only had this many wrinkles."

Anyway, the movie was awesomely bad. Like, "Reign of Fire" bad. Something to watch while drunk or stoned...
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