Friday, September 16, 2005

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Ok, let's face it. People sucked in the 70's, they sucked in the 80's, they sucked in the 90's, and they suck today.

Case in point, we're watching "Festival Express", a documentary about a series of music festivals across Canada in 1970 where the musicians rode from gig to gig in a private train. Pretty cool, awesome music, whatever.

However, we're watching a crowd of protesters assault police officers in an attempt to gain free access to a festival where the ticket price was $14, or $1 per band that would play.

Protesters in Toronto demanded either a)free admission, free food, free drinks, or b) 60% of gross to distribute as they saw fit.

As a result, ticket sales for the event declined, and the producers took a bath. Just like at Woodstock. These were people who showed up without money and felt entitled to gain entrance to an event. It demonstrates that the Hippies suck just as much as any other group.

In my experience, actually, the best group of people to deal with are the goth crowd. The majority of them are unfailingly polite.
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