Friday, September 16, 2005

My Idea Of God

Being a true computer geek, a major part of my life philosophy goes like this: Everything is made up of smaller, less complex units. Conversely, every small thing can be combined into a larger, more complex system.

Case in point: The smallest unit in computing is a bit, which is like a light switch. It only has two positions, On (1), and Off (0). And yet, from this tiny, 2 choice item, we can build incredibly complex systems that can represent the bulk of human learning, philosophy, sexuality, humor, the list is endless.

In a similar way, atoms combine to molecules, which combine to compounds, which combine into cells, which combine into tissue, which combine into organs, which combine into organisms. Honestly, the human brain is nothing more than a couple billion simple cells that have, through multiplication, become something much more than the sum of their parts.

Who's to say God isn't the product of the Universe itself, the organism that is was created in the Big Bang, and has evolved over the billions of years since?
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