Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nanook of the North

Greetings from up north. Northern Michigan, that is, near Petosky (for those of you with geographical inclinations).

Flew up this morning with my father, will stay over night, and then an 8 hour drive back. This is why the keep me around, to take care of stuff like this.

In other news, it's almost time to take my heart monitor off. The adhesive they use makes my skin itch something fierce, and I can't scratch. There will be a shower following the removal, followed by a nap (hard to sleep with this crap on).

Apparently, my payment for services rendered is a massage from a local masseuse (who is supposed to be really good) this afternoon.

In other news, The Redhead is headed up to a casino / hotel / spa in Indiana with her girlfriends for the bachelorette party. Apparently, what happens in Indiana, stays in Indiana.
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