Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Neighbor

The house two doors down from me on my right has been an eyesore for the year that I've lived here, and apparently has been for many, many years. A couple of months ago, we heard that someone from Lexington (about an hour away) came down, walked up to the door, and offered the owner a check for the house. I was thrilled, because anyone with the money to do that can afford to fix the house up a little.

We haven't seen much activity over there in the last few months, other than the slow removal of all of the lawn crap the previous owners had. I was out for a walk last night, however, and I met a man walking out of the house with a dust mask on and a shovel in his hand. I asked him if he was the new owner, and he said no, just a friend of his from New Orleans, up here to escape the toxic sludge that is covering their home.

I was really happy to know this new neighbor of mine, whom I have yet to meet, is at least compassionate enough to share out his good fortune with someone who is on hard times. Mark, the man from New Orleans, is up with his girlfriend, and they're in the process of cleaning out the house so it's habitable (his word : squalid). My home town has very little in common with NOLA, but what good stuff we do have is centered in the neighborhood in which I live. A very eclectic place, and Mark said he was feeling right at home.
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