Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ok, So What The Hell?

Your body, supposedly, does most of it's healing while asleep.

If that's the case, why can nobody sleep in a hospital?

I'm serious, I've been here since 7am, and, with one exception, the longest we've gone without someone coming into the room has been about 30 minutes. And it's not all required, healing stuff, either. We've had 12 visitors, two each from six different departments, show up and ask questions about the quality of care, etc. etc. etc., basically just giving a survey. This occurs randomly, but usually as my mother is finally falling asleep.

I ask you, why, why God why, must you people come into the room and ask these stupid questions? Are you afraid she'll die before she gets to fill out your little "quality questionnaire"?

Things are going pretty well, otherwise. She's had two walks today, and the pain is getting more manageable, she doesn't have to hit the painkiller button every six minutes like she has had to. The pathology report came back, nothing unexpected there.

I'm here until about 4:30, then I'll be relieved by my dad.

(Just FYI, the filters here have been randomly blocking Blogger, that's why you haven't heard more from me).
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