Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Papa Wants An iPod

This post is my entry into Autoblog's "Link Us Up And Win Free Stuff" contest (not the official title, of course).

Here are my Top Ten picks from the archives, sorted into personal categories. You'll notice I lean a lot towards hybrid and alternative fuel articles, which occurs because the reason I started reading Autoblog is because of it's attention to those segments of the industry.

Hybrids / Alternative Fuels

Toyota sees an all-hybrid future
- I really like knowing how different car companies are approaching hybrid tech, and I think Toyota is truely leading the pack.
A study on a large-scale implementation of biodiesel - A link to a nice article about the difficulties of creating a new fuel source.
New biodiesel process yields useful waste product - Just think, someday my ice cream could be a biodiesel byproduct.

Diesel Tech / Culture

Diesels Discussed by Auto Prophet - A look at diesels vs. gasoline, and how driving habits should affect the choice of fuel type.
Should Car Companies Invest in Diesels or Hybrids? - A great answer to a good question.

Models I'm Looking Forward To

Toyota Yaris - I'm a big fan of subcompact cars, especially from a car company I know and trust (I could never get myself to ride in a Geo Metro). I'd like to see more Euro-styled compacts on the roads, especially on the street I park on every night.
Wet Vette seats four, doubles as ski-boat - Yes, I'm a guy, and as a boy I fantasized about driving around in a car boat. My dream is almost here...

Cool Car Tech

Siemens VDO announces brake-by-wire system - I'd like to see more "by-wire" systems in cars, with good redundancies, of course...
Honda Advanced Safety Vehicles talk to each other - This is just plain cool. Imagine your car knowing that there's a slow down ahead...

Good Advice

Beware of flood cars in the used market - Obviously, timely advice.
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