Thursday, September 29, 2005

Simple Math

So, my original plan for last night was to fly up to Terre Haute, IN and back again to pick up some more cross country time. That plan was all well and good until I checked the weather forecast, which showed that the winds at 3000 (normally around 10 mph) were clocking in closer to 30-35 MPH, and the winds at 6000 (normally around 20mph), were coming in at close to 50 MPH.

Now, let's do some simple math here:

Speed of plane : 110 MPH
Wind at altitude : 50 MPH (opposite direction)
Projected Groundspeed : 60 MPH

Hence, it would be faster to drive.

So I just hung around in the area and did some crosswind landing practice, always a good thing to keep current on.
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