Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best. Gift. EVER.

We had a shower two weeks ago for our friends from Jamie's work (where I used to work). It's a non-profit, so we didn't want the shower to be any kind of a burden, but the woman throwing it had a great idea: a stock the pantry shower. Everyone was asked to bring a non-perishable pantry item and a recipe to give (two copies, actually, because there are two couples from the company getting married in October, and we combined showers).

We got some great stuff, my favorite recipe/ingredient combo was called "When In Doubt, Order Out", and it was a bottle of wine and a whole bunch of delivery menus.

But the best, the absolute best gift of the evening was from the receptionist at the company, who is just the sweetest, crafiest person ever. Not technically a foodstuff, but close enough...

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