Sunday, October 16, 2005

Chimp Needs

This is a little meme that I took from my dear Ash who took it from Brooke, who likes to flirt with my friend Neil, who likes to flirt with me (the point of which is it’s an incestuous bloggy world). To play, Google your name plus the word needs, in quotation marks, then post the first five or so results.


This is what our friend, Spastic Chimp needs:


CHIMP needs LOVING! (he better be getting it on his fricking honeymoon)


chimp needs a reality check (we already knew this)


Chimp needs your pupils to use their modelling, problem-solving and Logo
skills (not my pupils)


chimp needs an attorney to make this argument (he can argue pretty well without an attorney)


Chimp needs a big hug from his mommy, too (awwwww!) #




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