Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Greecian Holiday

Greetings from Greece!

The Redhead and I are in Oia (Ia), on Santorini, waiting for a bus to take us back to Imerovigli, where we are staying, which is north of Fira, the main tourist trap...I mean, port. Later this afternoon, we will be packing up and heading to the airport for our trip to Rhodes, our second port of call on the honeymoon.

We are having a blast! Other than forgetting a few items in the rush of the wedding (one of our two cameras, our guidebook, etc.), things are going wonderfully. Oh, and, yes, it's fully 15 degrees colder here than forecasted. The concierge at our hotel thinks I'm insane because I wear short sleeves when it's <65 F. Gotta love that French-Canadian blood in my lineage.

I have tons of beautiful pictures, but no place to upload them (this cafe is surf only), so you'll all have to wait.

Catch you next week!
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