Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Spooky Day

Good morning, my fine friends.

I had a pretty damn good weekend. I was scheduled to fly Saturday morning, but I had a feeling when I had to defrost my car that I wasn't going to be going. Once I reached the airport, my suspicions were confirmed by a thick layer of frost on the airplane I was supposed to be flying (quick flying lesson : frost + airplane = hitting trees at end of runway), so I headed back to the homestead, picking up some coffee for The Redhead on the way back. Spent the time cleaning up around the house, instead, which was really what needed to happen.

Later that morning, Red's parents came up to visit (they live about 90 minutes south), and brought her grandmother, who had not been able to make it to the wedding because of an illness. We had lunch and then went out to my parents' farm to show her grandmother where we were married.

The rest of the day was spent finding costume items, since we had a Halloween party to go to. Red went as a go-go dancer (mmmm, turqoise fishnets), and I went as Napoleon Dynamite.

Sunday was non-stop cleaning and organizing. Cleared some stuff from the basement and put it into storage, then put some more shelving down there. Cut up all of the cardboard boxes that needed to be recycled and got those ready to go. Did laundry. Swiffered the floors. Productivity is good!

Today I am guest-blogging for Autumn while she takes a hiatus. Check it out!


Photo requested, but I don't have one, so here's some movie goodness for ya!

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