Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Wedding Day, SC

Today’s the big day. SC and the Redhead are getting hitched. Committing their lives to one another. In front of everyone they love. Promising to love, honor, and obey (well, depending on who is sub that day). Perhaps, even, planning to mix their DNA and see who comes of it. Congrats, y’all!


I did notice, from the schedule of the day that SC posted earlier in the week, that the legally bound twosome are not going to have, ummmm, any time between leaving the reception and hopping a plane for Greece. So, when to consummate their union? Will they get it on in the back of the limo on the way to the airport? Will they join the Mile High Club? Will they wait until they are ensconced in a tiny hotel on a back street in Athens?


We’re waiting, SC, with bated breath to hear about, yes, the wedding, but also, the consummation.


Oh, so I’m Edgy Mama ( I’ll be throwing a few nuggets out on Nothing Rocks Harder this week. As will the sexy, young Autumn. Happy Saturday to all.

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