Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Honeymoon : The Food

Ok, I know that what everyone wants to know about is the food we had last week. Here's a brief rundown on some of the better meals...

Sunday - Spent traveling, but we picked up gyros at a little grocery across from our hotel in Santorini. INCREDIBLE. We weren't expecting much, but we were slobbering all over ourselves by the time we finished them...

Monday - Went to an eatery in Oia called "1800" that had been recommended to us by the concierge. Hands down the best meal we had on the trip. Mushroom risotto with a baked cheese crust...sin on a plate. Seriously.

Tuesday - Dinner at a hotel called Vadema, in the middle of the island. The dining hall is built into a partially restored castle, and was really a trip. Long tables interspersed with booths, strips of ribbon hanging from the ceiling, a very interesting style of decor...very good food.

Wednesday - Found a nice little fast food joint in Rhodes. Nothing special, but good.

Thursday - Room service dinner. :)

Friday - Nothing special

Saturday - Fast food joint in Athens called "Goody's", kind of like a European McDonald's, except, you know, good.

Sunday - AWESOME Indian food in London for lunch. One of the best Indian restaurants in London. And then noodles from a raman bar near the London Bridge for dinner.

Obviously, I will be posting many more details of the trip over the next few days...as I catch up with my life...
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