Monday, October 10, 2005

A Hybrid Tale, Part 1

Author's Note: I have decided to record these events for posterity, and because they can possibly show some decent insight into aging hybrid cars...

Yes, it's Monday.

After putting out the trash, walking to my car and getting myself situated, I turn the key of Big Brother (my 2002 Toyota Prius) to find...WARNING LIGHTS????

And not just one, but 4? (Turns out that, when something's wrong with the Prius, it really wants to get your attention.) The manual says the combination means there's "an error in the hybrid system."

I call my dealer, who does all my service, and the tech there says it's probably the hybrid battery, and that the car is safe to drive. The car is smart enough to know that, when the hybrid system doesn't work, it's just a regular gas car again.

Fair enough. I go inside and wake The Redhead, who agrees to follow me to the dealership in Green Bean (her 2005 Toyota Prius), and loan it to me for the rest of the day, provided I drop her off at work, and pick her up at the end of the day.

I'm hopeful that braving the cross-town rush hour traffic will be the most harrowing part of this adventure, I'll keep you informed. Regardless, we lucked out, and made good time both ways. The car is now with the service people, and they will be calling me to tell me exactly what's wrong later today. I will keep you posted.

The background stats on Big Brother, for anyone who's interested:
Make: Toyota
Model : Prius
Year : 2002
Color : Blue
Mileage : 62,091 miles
Actual Gas Mileage : 43-47 mpg, depending on conditions
Problems Before This: None.
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