Monday, October 03, 2005

Literary Loss

I found out this morning that playwright August Wilson passed away over the weekend at age 60. His death is a great loss to contemporary theatre.

My indirect experience with Mr. Wilson came while I worked at Actors Theatre of Louisville, I was an electrician for a production of "Jitney". From there, I had met him a couple of times at various opening nights, including the opening night of "Fences", another one of his works.

Our former artistic director was tapped to direct the premiere of his most recent play within the last year, which was very exciting.

I always liked Mr. Wilson's plays because of his ability to drill down and really examine a small group of people as they interacted in whatever decade he was writing about (August was completing a 10-play cycle, each play set in a different decade in the 20th century). I am, of course, very sad to see him go.
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