Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was chatting with my father via AIM earlier this morning (they're vacationing up in Michigan this week), and something very interesting:

(08:12:27) Dad: Well, I going to go do something I've never done before...
(08:12:36) Dad: Fix your mother oatmeal for breakfast
(08:12:41) SC: LOL
(08:12:52) Dad: In thirty years, I've never once had her ask for oatmeal for breakfast
(08:12:57) SC: REALLY?
(08:13:07) Dad: Yeah, really
(08:13:19) Dad: Eggs, toast, pancakes, but never, never oatmeal.
(08:13:42) Dad: So I guess I better get cooking.

It struck me as incredibly sweet how this man knows that he has never once fixed her oatmeal for breakfast before. It reminded me, in some roundabout way, how lucky I am to have parents who are as devoted to each other as mine are.

The last few months have been especially hard on my dad, even though he's really good at keeping stuff like that hidden. The prospect of my mother being in less than perfect health has hit him deeply and, even though things up to this point have gone as well as we could've hoped, I think he's deeply scared that he will lose my mother sooner rather than later...
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