Monday, October 10, 2005

Nightmare Lunch

The Redhead's mother was going to take her out to lunch today. She said she wanted to see her before she "took the plunge."

The Redhead is convinced that her mom wants to have the "Sex Talk" with her, which is frightening to her and funny to me, because this lady is no Dr. Phil.

The Redhead's mother is continually flustered. Picture Martha Stewart, everything she is: calm, collected, cool under pressure...

Now picture the antithesis of that, and you'd be close to the Redhead's mama.

This should be fun...


The Redhead's dad decided to tag along, thereby averting the impending crisis (it was fairly obvious that mom-in-law DID want to have the sex talk with her 32 year old daughter), but also depriving us, the blogging community, of a wonderful story to laugh about.

Sorry to build it up so much, only to have it come crashing down...
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