Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Paging Dr. Bob

I just got back from a lunchtime gathering at my old stomping grounds, Actors Theatre of Louisville. One of the perks donors (and people who are conveniently married to staff members) get is access to the periodic company chats regarding a new show or some such. Normally, I don't go, as I can't afford to take 2 hour lunches that frequently. Today, however, I made my way downtown and paid for parking for the special chat...

One of the founding members of the theatre is an actors named Ken Jenkins. He's got a lot of movies, tv shows and plays on his resume, but you would probably know him as Dr. Kelso (the acerbic doctor) on Scrubs. I adore that show, so I made the effort to go down and see him speak.

Right off the bat, Mr. J presented himself as a friendly, down-to-earth person, which is really wonderful to see after having met so many lessor actors who have diva complexes. The man is intelligent, witty, sharp, and very, very friendly. He told some stories that made me laugh, made me think, and made me enjoy my experiences at Actors Theatre just a little bit more.
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