Monday, October 10, 2005

Saturday Night

Oh, god, how to tell the story of everything that occured Saturday night...

We had a party Saturday, which was essentially our wedding reception, since we are leaving right after we get married next week. We invited about 150 people, and I'd say at least 110 of them came. The great thing about our method was, we never had more than 70 people in the house at any given time, and it had dropped to about 30 by 2am...

We kicked things off at 6 with a bluegrass band called "The Refunds" (everybody asks for them). They're all friends of ours, and they did a two hour gig for free for us (I love those guys). We put "anytime after 6" on the invitation, and people started rolling up right around 6.

That was actually one of the most fun parts of the evening, seeing headlights and wondering who it was, always being surprised at who was going to walk up next...

Anywho, we had some bluegrass and BBQ for the first part of the evening, and a hugely eclectic mix ranging from my 12 year old cousin (and godson) to my 50 year old biker friend Hoosier, to the 60-something socialite parents of my best friend from gradeschool. Absolutely fantastic. Cops and hippies mingling without care. ;)

The Refunds gave up the stage (the main porch) around 8:30, and our second band of the evening (Louisville locals Emily's Garden) started their setup. People forget that I loved being an entertainment electrician, so they didn't realize how much fun I was having running extension cords from different parts of the house (not kidding here, even a little bit).

They kicked things off around 10:30, and the second half of the party got going in fine style. They gave us three hour-long sets, with the usual 30-45 minute breaks in between, and they sounded incredibly good. Actually, a lot of the people there who had seen them often still said they hadn't heard them sound as good as this before. I like to think it was the location and occasion that inspired them.

The wood-fired pizza oven was ready by about 11:30, so we kicked things off with a s'more pizza (don't knock it, it's fantastic), and continued making pizzas until around 3am.

People danced. A lot.

People drank. A lot.

People laughed. A lot.

Honestly, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate our wedding than this, a shindig with all of our friends that lasts until the break of day (The Redhead and I gave up the ghost around 4:30am and went to bed, but there was an impromptu acoustic set going on the porch until at least sunrise).

I know I haven't imparted the full breadth and scope of this party in this short text, but I had overheard several people calling it the best party they'd been to in years, which was the goal of the entire thing.
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