Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What marriage taught me so far

After my first couple weeks of wedded bliss *cough* here's what I've learned:

1. My husband, and many others HATE the "dh" shorthand. Several men
find it degrading and offensive.

2. My MIL will *not* be nicer after the wedding.

3. If you live together before hand, something is different, but it's
hard to put your finger on.

4. It's fun to say, "This is my husband."

5. Being called "Mrs." is weird.

6. Hearing my husband say, "this is my wife." makes me all warm inside.

7. He suddenly becomes less helpful, and more like his father.

8. It seems he doesn't think men write thankyou cards....

9. It's wonderful not to have to think *wedding* all the time.

10. It's lovely to see people light up when you mention your newlyweds.

So far, so good...


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