Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Car Chases of the Sky

So, I was picking my father up at a corporate hangar yesterday, and found him watching the news with our chief pilot. Turns out that Nike's new Gulfstream V had some gear trouble, and was trying to land safely, which makes the third televised event in the last couple of months where an aircraft has had some landing gear trouble.

Speaking about it, my father had an interesting theory. Airplane landing gear trouble, which is actually very common (approx 3 incidents per week nationally) has become the news media's replacement for California Highway car chases (approx 3 incidents per week...I guess), which have grown stale and boring for most viewers.

"Yes, Tom, it looks like the convicted felon is still driving...still driving...still driving...this car chase brought to you by Energizer..."

So the news media has turned to something that seems incredibly dangerous (truth be told, if pilot just bite the bullet and land without trying any heroic stunts like flying over a speeding car with someone trying to pull the gear down, there's not a whole lot of damage done, and very few injuries) to retain the attention of the viewership.

I wonder if I'll ever end up on the news that way...
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