Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas Shopping, Done Right

On Sunday, the Redhead and I went to a local Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with a couple of my friends from college who were swinging through town on their way up to St. Louis for the Thanksgiving holiday. CB's methods are ingenious, namely make sure there's a long wait, and have you wait in their gift shop. I retaliated, naturally, by finding their egg-timers and setting them all to go off within minutes of each could hear the ticking several feet away...

Alas, I digress. My point is, you can take care of ALL your Christmas shopping needs at Cracker Barrel. Don't believe me? Then check out these fine items I've already picked out for fellow bloggers...

For The Chief Slacker

For Edgy Mama

For Jezzy

And finally, for Kira

Those of you who haven't been gifted yet, don't worry, the season has only just begun...
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