Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Major Milestone

Well, I've been studying hard for the last couple of weeks, and I finally think I'm ready to take the FAA Instrument Rating Written Exam, which I hope to do on Friday.

What, you may ask, is this exam, and why have you been studying so hard for it?

Short version: As it stands now, without an instrument rating, I can't fly through clouds, which severly limits my ability to fly long trips. With an Instrument Rating, I'd be able to safely fly though most weather, which is a good thing.

To earn an Instrument Rating, a pilot must accrue a certain number of flight hours (I'm almost there), pass a written exam (hopefully Friday), undergo a certain number of training hours (hope to start after January 1), and then take a practical exam, which consists of an oral exam and a flight check (maybe in March?).

It's a flying thing, people. ;)
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