Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Men Explained : A Women's Handbook

You have to surf on over to The Daily Slacker, where the big Chief himself has posted a guide to help women understand men. The highlight I love:

Careful With Those Questions:
At times this can go both ways, but it tends to be much more for the women. Us guys are fixers, doers, problem solvers, or whatever. If you ask, we're going to try and answer. No promises on the validity of the answer though. Also, before you ask a question, contemplate the worst possible answer you could get. And I don't just mean getting a "Yes" to "Am I fat?" No, no. I mean an answer that might have been good intentioned, but will leave you with a complex. Something like "No, well, maybe your thighs a little." Even when we do think out answers well, sometimes what sounded good mentally doesn't work well vocally.

As a guy who once answered the question of "I wonder how old that tree is?" with "Well, we could cut it down and count the rings...", I know where this is coming from.

Go read it. Go go go. Shoo!
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